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Version: v5

Splash Screens and Icons

You can generate Splash Screens and Icons for your iOS, Android or Progressive Web Application using the @capacitor/assets tool.

First, install @capacitor/assets:

npm install @capacitor/assets --save-dev

Provide icon and splash screen source images using this folder/filename structure:

├── icon-only.png
├── icon-foreground.png
├── icon-background.png
├── splash.png
└── splash-dark.png
  • Icon files should be at least 1024px x 1024px.
  • Splash screen files should be at least 2732px x 2732px.
  • The format can be jpg or png.

Then generate (which applies to your native projects or generates a PWA manifest file):

npx capacitor-assets generate

Alternatively you can generate for a specific platform with --ios, --android or --pwa.


The VS Code Extension can also generate Splash Screen and Icon assets.

Android 12+

In Android 12 and above Google changed the way Splash Screens are displayed, using a smaller icon with colored background instead of a full screen image that was possible with Android 11 and below. Additional documentation about this change can be found at