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Version: v4

React Hooks for Capacitor

Developers using React in their Capacitor app have access to a set of useful, community-maintained React Hooks to access Capacitor APIs in their React function components.

To install the hooks:

npm install @capacitor-community/react-hooks

To use the hooks, import and use in a function component:

import { useFilesystem, base64FromPath, availableFeatures } from '@capacitor-community/react-hooks/filesystem';

const MyComponent = () => (
const { readFile } = useFilesystem();

useEffect(() => {
const readMyFile = async () => {
const file = await readFile({
path: filepath,
directory: FilesystemDirectory.Data
// ...

}, [ readFile ]);

More Reading

See the @capacitor-community/react-hooks repo for documentation on all the available hooks.