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Version: v5

Capacitor CLI - cap build

This command will build the native project to create a signed AAB, APK or IPA file. Build options can be specified on the command line or in your Capacitor Configuration File.

npx cap build [options] <platform>
  • platform (required): android, ios
  • --scheme <scheme-to-build>: iOS Scheme to build (default is App)
  • --flavor <flavor-to-build>: Android Flavor to build
  • --keystorepath <path>: Path to the keystore file
  • --keystorepass <keystore-password>: Password to the keystore
  • --keystorealias <alias>: Key alias in the keystore
  • --keystorealiaspass <alias-password>: Password for the keystore alias
  • --androidreleasetype <release-type>: Can be either AAB or APK